The Netherlands is a highly structured country. Everything, has its place and if not, then usually something is quickly done about it. My thoughts go to the moments where this structure fragments. Moments of flux. For example, I’m interested in building sites. These are places that are constantly changing with regard to structures and materials. In my work you see several references to construction.
  One of my works that has a clear position here is 'A Monument for the Absence'. In this work you see isolated scaffolding placed on a huge concrete terrain. This scaffolding is taken out of its original context, as it were, because in this case it is not attached to a building. My goal is to create a moment of realization when the viewer comprehends that every construction we see around us was once physically built.

Picture by: Katarina Juričić

The building where the exhibition took place, and where I exhibited this work, was located on the above mentioned concrete terrain. In the space allocated for me to present my work, a single orange electricity cable can be seen to pass through the window and power the lighting that illuminates the scaffolding 30 meters away.
  I mainly work in the public space and my work is often site-specific. The fact that there was nothing to see in my exhibition space was also a statement. I think it is important that the artist is able to adapt his work to a space, and is open to changes in it.

Picture by: Janne Schipper

Picture by: Sacha Zalivako

'A Monument For the Absence' was created in collaboration with Brand Steigerverhuur . I wanted to have the scaffolding installed by experts. My installations are mainly installed by experts which is a tribute to these craftsmen and their knowledge. I paid them for their efforts and their completed work.
  In this work, too, I focus on constructions that have been carried out by workers in the past. However, because many of these constructions are no longer visible, in my opinion both the deployment and the construction process are not always appreciated fully. I try to focus on the heart of the construction and to take away the obviousness of a construct

Similarly my project: Parkingconstructions is such a snapshot.

Picture by: Sacha Zalivako

Picture by: Sasha Zalivako

A Monument For the Absence

December 2017
The Hague
1100 x 500 cm