Trijntje Noske (1994) is an artist who graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, specializing in sculpture. She previously studied Art & Design at the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam (2014). In addition, Trijntje is the co-founder of the emerging artists collective: ANNASTATE (2018).

The starting point in many of Trijntje’s works involves a partnership with 'the other'. ‘It’s about meeting the Other, and facing him, one to one’.

Trijntje tries to make herself useful to society. In her work she seeks win-win situations where both she and 'the othe' benefit. This cooperation varies with each project. She looks at both the abilities and the potential of 'the other' and whether these fit in with her concept(s). Until now Trijntje has concentrated most on past constructions that have been built by workers. Because many of these constructions are often no longer visible, in her opinion neither the commitment nor the processes are fully appreciated.

In her work Trijntje attempts to remove the obvious aspects of the construction. Her installations are mainly installed by experts which is a tribute to these craftsmen and their knowledge. In this way Trijntjes installations can vary in terms of format.

Her work is not created in a studio, but in an open space, or relate to, for example, a particular building or company. Trijntje therefore calls herself a 'Studio-less artist' a term she coined and which is also the title of her thesis research. Here she deals with the concept of 'the studio-less artist' and looks at other artists who relate to it.

Website: Kay Pisarowitz
Text edited by: Nina Bazan
English translation: George Bazan