Hi! My name is Trijntje Noske and I am born, raised and based in The Hague (1994).

As an artist I work site-specifically, continuously aiming at involving the direct environment to make art more accessible for everyone. My work focuses on (temporary) constructions in public space, some of them in collaboration and with participation of various people and professions. For the projects Mshenebloba, A Monument for the Absence, Renovated through Renovating and Carlos I, for example, collaborated with residents of Georgia, construction workers, clients of the mental healthcare Altrecht and REAKT, a social participation program for people with psychological problems or addiction backgrounds. To create in a dialogue together with communities, other professions or interested participants is very important to me. After my graduation in 2018 at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague, where I studied sculpture, I co-founded the artist collective ANNASTATE together with Janne Schipper, Sasha Zal, Zahar Bondar, Gideon Oosten and Cyrill Rafael Vasileyv. We like to see ourselves as an ongoing and flexible collective. Over the past few years and with some support of Stroom (an art organisation based in The Hague), we grew continuously. We are happy to announce that more artists have joined our collective.

Being part of the Hague based artist collective ANNASTATE I strive for mutual inspiration and influence of (starting) artists. At ANNASTATE we set up exhibitions, talks, readings and projects together. Despite our collaborations every artist as well follows its own individual practice. The collective is located in an old school building in Moerwijk (The Hague). In the studio complex we created various workshops, such as a metal, wood, stained glass and a ceramics workshop. We also installed a darkroom for the development of photographs and a letterpress. ANNASTATE is open for any collaboration that fits our vision. Please feel free to contact us:

Another passion of mine is to write scripts for the theatre company Muziekgroep Briza. As a theatre company we emphasise music and dance to engage with children (4+). With our performance, “All flutes, snares and drums” we take children on a cultural journey that offers them the opportunity to experience various instruments from all over the world. The play has been inspired by the very first show of my parents that they performed around 35 years ago. Please find the trailer of “ All flutes, snares and drums”. If you are interested in Muziekgroep Briza’s next project, please have a look at out website to stay tuned for our upcoming show “The Musical World Tour”. in collaboration with two other alumni artists from the Royal Academy of Arts (The Hague).

Website: Kay Pisarowitz
Text edited by: Nina Bazan
English translation: George Bazan