Each month Maldoror gallery combines two artists to exhibit together in the window display of ‘the Sterhuis’ in The Hague. The Sterhuis is a branch of REAKT, where people get offered mental health care. People who are suffering problems of addiction, a judicial past or social isolation.
   Anthony Blokdijk (owner of Maldoror gallery) asked me to exhibit together with Wesley Mercelina, an artist of REAKT. A beautiful concept that I liked to do.
   Wesley Mercelina presented several drawings. He drew anatomical drawings and sketches concerning architecture.

In addition, I presented five different street objects, a pole, a trash can, a rack which you attach your bike to and two other street objects. You will encounter all these objects in the public space, but not in its entirety. You do not see a large part of these objects because they are partly under the ground.
   For me this was a strong reference to the inner but also the appearance of mankind. What burdens does someone carry? What is going through a persons mind? Does the appearance tell much or not? What is going on in his / her psyche?
   ZLike Wesleys work, our work had a resemblance: things you normally don’t get to see. So our work was connected to the function of ‘The Sterhuis’. A place as I mentioned earlier where people can go for psychological help.
   The exhibition 'Under the skin' was on display from the second of November 2018 till the second of December 2019.

Under the Skin

November 2018
4 m x 2 m