On Saturday 15 June, ANNASTATE organized a walk during the day of the Architecture. After our "Warm Winter Walk" event we were approached by Tim de Boer to organize a summer walk.
   This year's theme was “Through other eyes”, Tim de Boer was curious to see how we as artists look at the surroundings of Moerwijk.
   DANNASTATE worked individually and did research into various topics. For example, Janne Schipper did research into all female street names and myself into all the places that were under construction at that moment.

Together, ANNASTATE came up with the idea of ​​placing site-specific sculptures through Moerwijk that would determine the route of the walk. Gideon handed out small home-made booklets that people could browse through during the walk, Janne made a sculpture based on writer and poet Anna Bijns, Heleen placed a series of three sculptures in a park and Trijntje installed an installation “Dumpers” in a tree based on the construction. After the walk there was vegan food in ANNASTATE made by Rafael and inside there was an exhibition with work by Zahar, Rafael, Gideon and Janne.
    The walk was carried out twice on 15 June with both times a nice mixed new group of people.

Day of the Architecture

15th of june 2019
Den Haag