ANNASTATE started to exist on 22 May 2018 during the graduation period of eight artists at the Royal Academy of Art.

The artists' collective ANNASTATE was founded by 8 artists / colleagues / friends and now (2019) ANNASTATE consists of: Gideon Oosten, Zahar Bondar, Janne Schipper, Trijntje Noske, Rafael Cyrill Vasilyev.

'The artists collective ANNASTATE is looking for the human connection in art through participatory projects and social interventions'.

Thanks to Stroom, an art center that supports recently graduated artists, and their collaboration with the breeding ground policy (studio space for starting artists), our studio complex has been made possible. The idea arose to place an artists' collective there. We were allocated this building for a very manageable price. An opportunity that we gratefully use. The studio complex is located at the Willem Dreespark in Moerwijk.

It is an interesting, but also remote place, that's what we found out very soon. A kind of island within the city limits of The Hague. It lies between the waterways, the railways and a big road.

Every day we discover more of Moerwijk. We have already organized several events involving both the neighborhood and our artists network.


When we just started Jegens en Tevenz wrote this piece about ANNASTATE:

Also by Metropolis M an enthusiastic piece was written just after the opening of ANNASTATE: here

A nice piece was filmed about the warm winter walk by The Hague FM. See link

In addition to the film, the AD has already written a piece about ANNASTATE

ANNASTATE was named by ‘het broedplaatsenbeleid’ in The Hague twice in the their news here
and here

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